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Costa del Sol for skiers ?

Who is thinking of Spain, that person has the idea of an azure sky, turquoise sea and long sandy beaches. But besides hot days and mild summernights Spain shows also a changed side: The higher located regions of the Iberian Peninsula put on a white dress in wintertime and offer their snowy mountains to the persons doing winter sports.

Common with Andorra Spain present can offer 952 pistes of totally 1.205 downhill kilometers. When also missing the big cable railways, so chairlifts and ski tows take the ski tourists upto 3.400 meters for running downhill.

To the most important skiing areas count the Pyrenees, Aragonia and the Sierra Nevada on the Eastern Costa del Sol.

The skiing season takes a long time in the higher located regions. From October until the middle of May the lifts work in the Sierra Nevada - not least thanks to the more than 300 snow cannons, which fill undesirable green holes in the snow. During the tourists enjoy a first bath in the 80 kms distanced Mediterranean Sea, then other people indulge still in the alpine fun in the most Southern skiing area of Europe.

The sports supply of the Sierra Nevada is very wide-ranging: from the well-known Alpine skiing or cross-country skiing over snowboard and touring ski, the again into fashion coming Telemark up to the heliskiing they offer all the possibilities of winter activities.

Also handicapped persons can do skiing with special care, and for children over 3 months there are attended play groups. The skiing gear you can borrow in the skiing stations: skis, ski boots and ski poles costs per week from 40 to 80 Euro. Generally they have new articles in good condition. Suitable clothes you have to bring yourself.

On Spanish pistes the good protection of the skin and the eyes is very important: The sun accompanies almost permanently to the skier. You should absolutely think in sun cream with a high protection factor and a good lip protection, besides you need sunglasses.

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